My fear is in being reminded that I have nothing more to offer than myself, and throughout time that has never been enough for anyone, including my family. I’ve never been enough for anyone. I keep trying and I keep trying, but no one accepts me for me. 


My fear is being reminded that I’m alone and no one will be here. I have no one to care for, no one to love, and now I’m left with nothing. People always leave me. I should have known when people promise they’d always be here, they won’t be. Everyone leaves eventually. 


My fear is that when I’m gone, no one will care. No one will cry. No one will lose sleep. Everything would still go on like it didn’t matter whether I was here or not. Everyone could care less about the lonely girl sitting in the back of the classroom listening to music, slowly losing herself and everything she has learned to be. 

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HB Rita

Be positive. Life is not that bad. Leave your fear and stand on your. God is there to protect you.

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