The Fear of The Future


United States
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The girl in the mirror is beautiful,
But that is not what I usually see.
I have never seen her hair so perfect,
her skin so flawless, this cannot be me.
She looks so confident,
But I can still see the fear in her eyes.
As she twirls around in her dress,
Thinking about goodbyes.
She looks so beautiful,
She has the perfect dress
But she knows there is no denying,
This vital pain in her chest.
Soon, it will all fade away,
Everything will change,
And her friends will take home at another bay,
And it will feel strange.
She will leave her sweetheart of two years,
all the kisses, and the hugs,
in pursuit of her dream career
that she really loves.
She wants to cry,
She wants to relive the sweet memories of high school,
She wants to reverse the clock.
She wants to go out with her friends and be fools.
Right now though, she needs to be strong,
She needs to be therefore her friends,
So she decides it is time to carry on.
She smiles and puts on her cap and gown,
She looks in the mirror,
And she turns the slight frown upside down.
She walks out the door,
Knowing this ceremony won't be a bummer,
After all,
They still have the summer.


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