Fri, 08/28/2015 - 09:32 -- EruX

(note: relating to someone that I know. also I don't know much about poem structure, so sorry it that isn't good)

Fear. Anxiety. I fear anxiety.

My mind will jump to the worst conclusions,
And it doesn't care for any reasoning.
It convinces me that what it says is real,
And boy, is it good at that...

It's scary really, frightening,
When it manipulates my mind
And controls my thoughts
And it won't let me go
Holding onto my mind as if it's all that it has

I can fight it, but it's strong
I can ignore it, but not for too long
Gripping, squeezing my mind
They say to forget it but,
How can you forget what feels like a part of you?

It hurts my mind and my health
When all I can think is the worst things
And it won't let me believe otherwise
Because if I try it shuts me down

And although I can sometimes calm it for a while
It will break free soon enough

But it doesn't matter (yes it does!)
Because it is a part of me (it shouldn't be like this!)
And I listen to what it says (against my will!)
And I agree with what it says (I didn't agree to anything!)

Here in concern, and worry, and fear
The scenario of the worst keeps running through my mind
I try to ignore it but it won't go away
I try to contain it and in the end I just shake.
I'll shake,
then after awhile...
I'll Break.
And Colapse,
Crumbling and

Into the depths of my mind
And, Of course, This.
The anxiety.

The voice of my fears is tearing me apart.


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