Fear 😨 😱 where to start with a word that is thrown around so lightly like a game of catch back forth between a father and his son...
That was only vivid pictures of dreams when he sleeps. Living in nigbtmares of fear holds him back like failing a grade in school. Fear creeps up on you like a mosquito bite you never feel it when it lands.
Only to leave behind a small bite that itches and itches as you scratch poke pop and press at this bite it only starts to bleed. Fear and panic sets in sitting next to frustration cause you can't make it stop. In time it will stop bleeding and the bump from the bite will eventually disappear like nothing ever happened.
They enemy places fear inside outside and around you to keep you from getting to, it has to be something great if it wasn't why would he put fear to keep you from opening that door.
God has something he wants to give you
But your faith is like water your fear is like oil. You cant form a bond with with the two forming two distinct layers your fears of oil floats to the the top.
While your water of faith is hidden just like the enemy wanted.
Its time to pour out whatever it is in your cup. The question is always asked is your glass have empty or half full?
My question to you is why does there have to be a glass? Why do you limit me?
Faith in God is limitless.
Face your fears even if you have to ask for forgiveness cause God doesn't place fear in you.
Peace ✊🏽

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