Father of Worlds, Brother of Millions, Son of None


Who am I in the world we see,

Who am I in the world we percieve, 

Why I'm no more important than you on lucky number 3,

I'm just a little something called me, 


But when that me is something that's labeled an author, 

I call myself the loving Father, 

Not spreading hate like Jimmy Carter,

But creating world after world with no one genre, 


I hear the music, see a color, or feel the pain, 

And it amplifies my mind as I see new characters born in the rain, 

I write down their lives with keyboard and pen, 

I find myself leaving earth and entering a perfect state of zen, 


My mind is racing as I create story after story, 

There's no such thing as worry, 

My mind never repeats, 

And it never trips over lies or cheats, 


My mind can't stop but its pure joy and bliss 

I'm looking through their eyes at the point of that first kiss,

Because I'm no puppet master 

But a puppet living with puppets through every disaster,


Every person I create and breath life into,

I'm their brother now no matter how old or new, 

I live new lives each and every day,

Because writing stimultaes my mind in impossible ways, 


Faster than any computer,

dancing with a servant like me as her legendary suitor,

Or watching the woman with guitar and voice, 

rocking the world and taking over hearts with her original choice, 


To create new worlds throws my mind into a beautiful frenzy, 

Entire lives and worlds are given life no matter how crazy, 

My words may seem, 

I want to show every child that creating somethings a realistic dream, 


No matter how far, 

I may fall when it hurts,

To experience life's pain and give it to my creation as their scar, 

I wear their name proudly within the slums or High Courts, 


Making original stories is what gives me a rush, 

Taking real life and turning it to a fantasy is just such, 

An amazing thing because there's so very much, 

To tell in a story with hundreds of possiblities with a pen's simple touch, 


Even if I am the Son, 

Of not one but none, 

In these worlds I create I am the moon and the sun, 

I create them and they live to please, 

To share with you a story like no other and ease, 

Your suffering to show you it's true, 

With the creation of new worlds a smile can come from the blue. 



-Written by Lucas Martinez aka Ookami Kage 


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