Father Figure

Wed, 11/06/2013 - 11:26 -- Dpsc95

Physically you're here

Mentally you're there

Emotionally, you were never prepared...


You've made me hate my self

For many years...


Why father?

What have I done to you?


You've made me cry

I'm sorry father if I hate you...


You see, you were never really ready

Because you made me wanna end my life...


A father doesn't do that

Because they are the reason for your smile...


But you weren't and never will be,

Sorry father you hear the truth...


But behind the broken promises

And tears

And lies

There are rotten years too


I would have rather seen you say goodbye...

Hatred fills my soul

And eyes...


When I hear

Daddy's little girl,

Because oh how I wished I had a father,

but it's all a big blur


To have loved and shared...

Never have I had a man figure who has stood up and cared


Never have I had a man figure say

"Don't worry, i'll be there"...


I hope to never meet someone like you,

Because I would die,

I would rather you just leave,

Leave with no goodbye


Because my heart has been broken since I was 7 yrs old


I try to remember the good that you've done,

but all I remember is how you were such an asshole...


I wish I had a father,

One that had actually cared...


If you call yourself a father,

You're wrong

Because you were never there...


It's to late to ask for anything,

Because the hate has built up inside,


It's to late to erase all the memories,

Because all I feel is terrified...


What's done is done,

Nobody could change it,

Not even you...


The feelings are made,

So goodbye father

I'm sorry, but you've made me hate you...

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