I hear laughter echo in my mind as I rewind the memory one time.
One turns into two and now I can't stop, afraid that if I do you'll truly be gone.

So much I've forgotten already and for that I'm sorry. Your voice, your height and the way you smiled

It wasn't much but it was there, now I've forgotten just about everything. From the color of your eyes to how you spell your middle name and how you would always say the right thing

Let me keep rewinding my memory, don't ever let me hit pause. As everything plays on around me, my mind keeps going further and further back.

Keep going until everything will stop, hit play on the memories and watch them unfold. I'm trying So hard not to cry, my memories are so old. Faded and forgotten, watched again and again.

I need new memories, though your not here anymore. I'm sure that's what I'm missing. A memory with you from yesterday when we spoke for hours about nothing that meant everything

Only you've been gone almost a year and I keep forgetting. I'll try to rewind all the memories of you, only I can't they're all broken. Fragments of a smile and laughter, words unspoken.

So let me close my eyes and forget, while my memories are restored. Please, oh please don't let me lose you again. I want to remember so much more than your last words.


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