A Farewell Poem


United States
38° 28' 28.1208" N, 89° 59' 26.4228" W

My love is not dying but getting stronger.
Waiting for you takes longer and longer
No matter how many days go by,
I think of you while looking at the open sky.

Oh how I wish you were here with me,
All I need is for you to come and see.
Nothing is happening waiting for you.
I know we sometimes regret the things we say and do.

Why oh why must I wait for you to notice?
I am changing, blooming into a beautiful lotus.
I want you here,
So you can whisper in my ear.
My love is not leaving,
But a burden that is grieving.

Seeing me fly by,
I go with that look in your eyes.
Good bye my love,
I just want to give one last hug.
When you see me dead on the floor,
Please oh please love me no more.


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