Mon, 10/28/2013 - 01:55 -- Chydia

I wrote this letter cause the words written below
I'm truly unable to say
I want to let you know I love you
But I'm no longer able to stay

My heart is telling me to trust you
But the facts are staring me in my face
Your deceit is now transparent
My heart is increasing in pace

Cause I'm finally going to do it
Gonna end my hurt and tears
But doing this is killing me inside more than
Staying in this mess, my dear

Cause I love you more than life itself
Unfortunately you don't feel the same
My love is more real than reality itself
But to you this is all just a game

I am just a pawn on your chess board
But love you are my king
I am just a two in your deck love
At this game I can never win

And that is why I have to leave
By the time you have read this letter
I'll be already long gone
On my journey for the better

I hope that one day you'll change
I hope for the day we could be together
But knowing you, you'll always be the same
I love you, now, always, and forever

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