A Fantasy Dream

He touches her hand, I watch as they get close;
I wish it was us, for now I sit alone.
He wraps around her, holding her tight;
The slightest breeze, gives me the coldest chill

I look to the sky wondering
if you look upon the stars as I do.
Or perhaps you’re dreaming of
you, a heroic knight, rescuing your fair maiden.

As the shiver escapes me, reality awakens me
returning me to the romantic cuddly couple’s scene .
But, I beckon to the night, to become hidden in its covers,
to allow my eyes to fall onto my own fantasy dream.



While the subject matter is pretty universal, there are some great-quality lines in here. May favorite: "But, I beckon to the night, to become hidden in its covers." There's sort of a classical/antiquated feel to the word "become," which lends it a nostalgic air, and comparing the night to a bed strongly underscores the romantic feel of the poem.

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