Family Fallen

It was tight,

a bond never broken.

Thoughts never choken, too much emotin started smokin'.

One little bird messed it all up,

when she was sipping from a cup.

It took 10,

to finally realize, to see it through your eyes, what she hid in desguise.

But one's still blind.

Neglecting the truth, though we all have proof.

Even you can see it too.

No one's blaming you.

Sorry for mentioning it.

Guess we're both tired of the tricks,

the tricks that get pulled.

We are all the bird's tools, but 2 of us aint fools.

We cut ourselves loose.

It's your turn now.

Though we understand if it's too much to comprehend,

You know this lesson we just spent.

I just guessed it would be different,

things would've changed,

10 years later and theres still no exchange.

One's feelings are shattered,

the other's heart has been battered

you're mind needs to be tappered on this stuff cause it matters.

But no,

Your okay.

Everything's good,

except for the people that stood

against what's been happening and evedrything else.

You need to see she doesn't care about anyone but herself.



This poem is about: 
My family


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