Family is described as we

Can't you see

They never leave you alone

Call you on the phone

And some of them got there own bossy tone


But really your family has cared for you

Since you could count one, two

It's true

And you know it

Even with your teenage wit

That pisses your elders off

It makes others scoff

But you just laugh

And unleash your wrath on the world


Yet one day you will cry

For a reason you do not yet know why

As your family will try to comfort you

Because they care (IT'S TRUE!)

As much as they often wear on you

They'll help put on your shoe

They even listen to all your problems

And tell you the truth

To help you grow 

Yes they will show you the way 

So don't let your teenage wit say anything otherwise

Because that wouldn't be wise

Today or tommorow 

When your feeling sorrow


When there's crime and pain

You will go insane

It will be family that keeps you on the train 

Because it's  going fast

Hopefully your having a blast

Because before you know it

You'll have grandkids with teenage wit


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