False Christians (my Observation)

You can easily identify false Christians by their questionable speech and action.
They are like wolves among sheep and weeds growing together with wheat.
And they are full of inordinate pride, self-righteousness and hypocrisy.

Some of them put on false appearance to deceive other members of the Christian congregations.
And they evidently do not practise what they preach.
They lead a double life and they cannot disguise their indecisiveness, so outsiders can clearly see who they really are.

They like to dress up in pretty clothes and pretend as if they were the nicest people in the world.
Furthermore, they wear a broad smile, shake hands, and hug one another warmly when they do not mean it from the heart.

Many people imagine that to become a member of a religious organization will automatically constitute them true Christians.
They seem to forget that a true Christian is someone who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Some churchgoers consider themselves holier than other fellow worshippers of God.
And they like to scornfully look down on worldly people.

While they preach and teach the doctrine of Christianity about love to outsiders, they continue to treat some of their fellow believers contemptuously.
Ridiculously, on Sundays and Saturdays they meet together in the same buildings to worship one God.

It is indubitably easier to get along with some worldly folks than with most self-styled Christians nowadays, and this applies to persons of all denominations.
Most churchgoers habitually watch garment, form cliques, stir up competition among fellow members, and seek the glory and praise of men.

What is more, they tear down one another with injurious gossip, mischief making and slander rather than building up the spirituality of one another.
They also focus on the faults and weaknesses of individuals instead of focusing on the good.
False Christians always magnify the errors of others and they behave as though they were perfect, sinless persons.

It is my observation that a growing number of bishops, pastors, priests, and elders, lead a pattern of wrongdoing while they conveniently preach about the teachings of the Bible.
They encourage prominence, class distinction, favouritism, and bias among the fellowship.

In addition, they commit fornication and adultery with the young women in the congregations.
And in some cases, young boys become victims of homosexual paedophiles in the churches.

Many persons go to various denominations and request baptism for the wrong reasons.
Some male members attend Christian meetings just to seek out a suitable wife.
Likewise, some female members stick around for a while and try to find the one who they doltishly describe as the right person for them.

Such ones usually lose interest after a short time when things do not turn out in their favour.
Whom are these self-centred dissemblers trying to fool?
They definitely cannot fool God, so they must be trying to fool people or their own dungy hearts.

It does not escape the notice of keen eyes that the clergies have been enriching themselves by artfully peddling the word of God.

Nobody has ever opened a bank account in God’s name or in Jesus’ name,
Yet the leaders of the churches collect people’s money in the name God and in the name of Jesus,
And then they lodge it in private bank accounts in their names or in the names of organizations using venal men as trustees.

Certain religious leaders claim that they are running non-profit-making organizations.
But I openly and fearlessly challenge this misleading asseveration.
Such absurd claim is definitely not a true representation of the reality.

The absence of a weekly or monthly paycheque does not mean they are doing non-profit work.
A direct compensation or cash in the hand is not the only way to profit from work.
This is a fact, and I am saying it intentionally with no apology.

They derive substantial benefits from the so-called voluntary work that they do.
Most people who work secularly cannot afford to live the posh lifestyle that clergymen are living out of the funds of these religious organizations.

Do not attempt to twist my words or misinterpret my arguments as ungodliness.
I am not implying that true Christians do not exist in the world of religion.
Of course, there are honest-hearted persons who want to serve God from the heart.
And they earnestly try to do the will of God and live an upright life.
But imposters arise to test the faith and endurance of the sincere ones.

Based on my observation I am exposing the dishonest practices of some religious persons.
There is a conspicuous difference between true Christians and hypocritical churchgoers.
But do not just accept my words without doing your own research and scrutiny.
Observe the religious system carefully and form your own honest conclusion.


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