False Affection

Pain, pain,

Came my way.


It’s funny how it keeps coming

Back another day.


You said it was over,

You said it was done


Hell, it would have gotten us in trouble

In the long run.


Like a fire ablaze in my chest, pain sears

This whole situation, it seems too much to handle, too much to bear.

How funny, you told me you’d always be there.


Why did I believe you?

It was too good to be true.


Why did I think you were different

Than all those before you?


I was stupid

Ha! No surprise

I should’ve been smart; I should’ve opened my eyes.


But I wasn’t, I didn’t

And so I’m left with a broken heart.

God knows why I thought you wouldn’t rip it apart.


I was lovestruck, I was blind

Like all the others, from the start,

You were probably planning my demise.


I was so fucking stupid, so fucking naïve, you never needed me

All the more reason for us not to be.


With this said and done, I leave you with a simple question, a mere thought:

Haven’t you any idea how much pain you’ve brought?



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