Falling in Love

In those first moments, it was just a spark,

A tiny flame that flickered in the dark,

But soon it grew, and oh! How it glowed,

Until it filled my heart and overflowed.


At first, it was a rush of butterflies,

A fluttering feeling I couldn't disguise,

My heart skipped a beat with every glance,

And I couldn't help but give love a chance.


We talked for hours, getting to know each other,

Sharing secrets and stories like long-lost lovers,

Every moment was a joy, every second sublime,

And I knew in my heart, you were meant to be mine.


With each passing day, I fell deeper and deeper,

Caught in the sweet spell of love, a true keeper,

Everything was brighter, more vivid, more real,

And I knew that with you, I'd found a love that could heal.


We laughed and we danced, we explored and we dreamed,

And I never felt more alive than when we teamed,

Together we faced the world, hand in hand,

And I knew that nothing could ever withstand.


Our love, a force to be reckoned with,

A bond that could never be severed or dimmed,

For in each other, we found our true match,

A love that could never be undone, never detached.


May we always cherish the memories we make,

And keep falling in love, again and again, without mistake.


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