Falling Late


Right before I sleep,
I lay in bed and think,
So my mind can venture deep,
And my heart can begin to sink,
I always think of you,
And the beauty of your smile, 
With all the things you do,
And if you are worthwhile,
But it's not even a question,
And honestly I need to say,
I have a little confession,
That might make your day,
You're everything I want,
And even more that I need,
From the way you flaunt,
To the way that you lead,
You're eyes are trancing,
And there's comfort in your laugh,
You leave my heart prancing,
And my senses in half,
You break down my wall,
And I make you feel safe,
It might be to late to fall,
But I have a little faith,
Things happen for a reason,
And everyone has a place,
There's no wrong season,
Or too much space,
I'm crazy about you,
And how you make me feel,
My heart feels brand new,
Because girl you were a steal,
I'm not taking advantage,
I'm only telling the truth,
Life is hard to manage,
And I know we are in our youth,
But our future looks bright,
And you're an amazing girl,
This feels so right,
So keep being my little pearl.


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