Falling Last

Our time hanging here has come

so quick as we hang from the train

bridge just to feel the adrenaline rush

as the train passes and see who let's

go first, it started out with twenty of

us butas soon as the train began to

approach everyone started to bail because

they were afraid. The first five drop

before the train even hit the bridge as

the train hit's the bridge going a hundred

miles per hour another ten drop because

of the train's g force leaving only five of

us still hanging on, another on drop's because

of his phobia of being afraid of height's

another one drop's because his arm's are

tired and then another one drop's from

sneezing leaving only two of us. The

bridge begin's to shake as the last train

trailer passes by and we both slip but

I manage to hold on while my friend drop's,

as the morning sun come's I let go falling last

to my doom as all twenty of us commit suicide

to escape this world.


This poem is about: 
Our world
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