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It hurts...just like I knew it would.

Six months I tried to fight it,
To deny it,
I didn't want this.
I knew there would be pain,
But by the end of those six months I couldn't complain.

I believed what you said,
Decided to give in
Because at the time nothing was wrong then.

Then the sixth month passed and the seventh came,
Bringing with it that heart aching pain
That barely affected this body at first,
But after that first week I knew there would come worst.

Something was wrong, I knew
So I asked.
You told me you didn't want what you said last.
You weren't ready for a relationship anymore.
We switched roles.

Now I'm the one trying to get you to fold
Or, I was...
This isn't what I wanted.
I shouldn't want you.

But I do

And you don't
Want the 'you' that was me before my, now open, heart was closed...
Sealed shut from the touch of feelings
Shielded by a clear mind that was
Sullied by claims that weren't worth the hurt
That gave birth to more lies...

But I can't say that, I must take it back,
Because for those six months it was true,
Everything I wish was a lie was true blue
My favorite color, you kept me cool,
And calm,
And serene,
And safe, I didn't want anyone to take your place.

That place silently claimed and offered only to you...

But now..
We might as well be through,
I don't want to want you
When you want her and her
And maybe me.
The one that's weak...

I'm partial to pain.
I'm giving up again
Cause I don't want to do this.

It takes two.

And there's only one me,
But it takes two.

Two to have a bond,
Two to connect,
Two to share something I don't want to forget
But will!
This Is how you make me feel!
Confused as hell
Trying to tell myself that it wasn't real
When I know it was..!

At least to me...

Why didn't you tell me?
All you had to do was tell me,
If only you would have told me,
I could have caught my self...

I knew it would come,
Saw it coming.
I should have run

Why didn't you tell me?
Somebody should have told me.
You should have told me
When I asked you to hold me...

Don't not say it cause you'll feel bad
Think of how I'd feel--bad!
Of course it's gonna hurt,
When does it not?
At least if you'd have told me
I would have landed the drop

On my feet...


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