Fallen From Greatness


Click, Clack, Bang! What is that sound?

Nothing, just another African American body collapsing to the ground

How could this be the norm? How can this be?

We have fallen from greatness- we used to be royalty.

Look at the Egyptians and the status they had.

It’s crazy how us African Americans have been reduced to rags.

Violence, drugs, money and sex is on our minds.

It is like our ancestors never come to mind.

Remember the Civil Rights movement, and the ideas it brought?

The push for equality, brother-hood, and love.

Instead, we are chasing transitory things, which are here today and gone tomorrow.

As a race, we must attain our former glory, producing innovation not self-destruction,

We must chase progress to reach new heights.

 Then, will we get back to greatness.


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