Stanza One:

Miracle, Prospect, Progress, Prophecy, Health, Wealth and riches; are their sweet words, towards humanity.

They talk about things of maturity, but never touches the part of reality.

Their teachings are of capability and not of quality.

They preach like defenders, but bring upon us nothing but disaster

They behave so clever, but they are liars and deceivers.

Salvation is what they whisper, but they are spiritual killers.


Stanza Two:

O’ sad is my heart for the storm that is coming

Like the eagle scud the prophets cleared in the clock of their forming.

Stern herald of the better day.

O’ dear church of Christ

Before, the adventures disaster that comes with the name


I plead with thee to prepare thy way

With bleeding feet and fingers

They deceive our youths

So that the future will have no leaders

Stand firm, stay alert, be on your guard and beware of fales prophets


Stanza Three:

 They brought, destruction, corruption, recession, abomination to our nation

Instead of production they give us destruction

Instead of provision they give us recession

They prophecy visions for our nations, but abduct the thoughts of corruption for the same nations

They are adherents of trouble

And the incarnates of Satanism

They hide in the shadow of Hypocrisy, but their real nature is occultism

Their destiny is intertwine with the dark, and so I advise you pals beware of them

(Fales prophets)


Stanza Four:

A’ work of splendorous speed, on the part of destiny,

We all have questions that are still pending

And mine is; if the devil has a tail!

Won't someone rise and tell

Now that he’s still in Hell,

Then who carries his business hence

And I got to know that they are the falls prophets.

Their chameleonic faces, and hypocritical nature, is destructive and it produces discrimination among our nations

For they have a speed of greyhounds

That display grievance to our audience,

And I tell you brethren; they – mean – business.

So beware of them


Stanza Five:

O’ thy nations when shall thou be wise, and distinguish between their deeds.

They preach Jesus Christ, but practices Anti-Christ

They tells us progress when there is disgrace, if you are in the spirit, you would know them by the fruit of the spirit

For they are vampires, from the empire of Hell fire.

But my people do not retire whenever there is a fire from the empire of Hell fire,

For you have a mighty fighter as your Messiah

Beware! Beware!! Beware!!!   

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