A spoken word
That comes from high above the clouds
High in spirits and sound
Lost and found by others
A word of many defintions
It is believed to be the power
Its the fuel of everything
In some it is broken
In others overflowing
This word in which the world lacks
Broken and not defined
Simple and yet complex
Obtainable by all
But cherished by few
This life source we rely on
Keeping us sane when it ends
When the only breath we draw
Is one in its honor
This word that can mean so many things
Given to us
Taken from us
Bestowed upon us
But it isnt tangible
There is no way for one to hold it close
Only the insane ones obtain it
Recognized in The Book of this word
We are to egotistical to trully cherish this word
This word, made of so many parts
Deep inside our shallow hearts
We all need support
We all need a leg to stand on
A hand to hold
A soul to feel
And a heart to maintain
A piece of our love
Lies in each of our counterparts
Our lovers
Our friends
All built on this word
A word whose brother is trust
And whose sister is freedom
Married to loyalty
And has given birth to life itself


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

as long as you have faith

you will never lose

poem provides inspiration

keep building my poetic friend

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