Fairy Tales

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 19:56 -- shayymn


Do you believe in them?

Day dreams of glitter.

But as they say, everything that glitters ain't gold. And if it's not gold, then it must be bronze.

A dull color. Says the girl who doesn't believe in anything. For belief got her nowhere. Her thoughts of happiness drained.

Fairy tales? I'm not a princess. Who needs a prince? Someone to kiss you and make things better?... In which kisses turn to love, love to happiness. Ha! Foreign words. I don't believe in them. Why should I? No prince came to save me. Take away my burdens.

Bronze is a dull color.

Tales made for little girls, to give them the hope of something magical only to have it taken away by generational curses.

These verses, no not lyrics, no not just words.

Take heed.

Everything that glitters ain't gold.


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