Fairy Tales

He spoke to me about a love he didn't quit understand himself. Eternal words meant for a love that should have lasted, but never saw it past the end of the year. He repeated these promises for 4 years straight. How could someone love so intensely only to treat you so coldy was incomprehensible to me. But, I forgave home every time. Like me he was broken. Like me he didn't know any better. We were just kids. Him spewing the word love around like a fairy tale I was naive enough to believe it to be anything but fiction. He was a gifted storyteller and I was a romantic at heart... The way he could weave a happy ending into every tale. He had me believing in forever afters the moment our paths crossed. Maybe I was just looking for a knight in shining armor to save me. Maybe that was my first mistake. Maybe the second mistake I made was believing a child could keep a promise. All I can say is that I honestly believed he was "the one". Even now 3 1/2 years later part of me believes he still is.

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