Fair weather metronome

Still walking,
through the rain
and shine
and snow -
walking and more walking-
more walking then you know.
I walk through the city of blind people,
unseeing faces,
I never, ever slow.
I Stop where there used to be
coffee shops
and then it begins to snow.
Sunny o' sunshine I call for you by name
I call for you through the wind that never ceases,
I call through this snow and sometimes when It rains.
Rainy days o' Rainy days I call for you by name
I call you through the heat of summer
and sometimes When I'm in pain.
Snow so cold, O' white and how you blow
over my rain-slick emotions
and over my bi-polar metronome
I call you my fare-weather feelings
as I walk through the
the rain,
and the snow.

Miles by miles, I walk through the emotions more then you'll ever know.

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