Failed Marriage

Thu, 09/14/2017 - 19:29 -- Keenoff

failed marriage
couple kids to take care of
one named tom
the other named Sarah
1 went with the mom
other with went with the dad
cried herself to sleep
from all the wreckage
wonderin is life worth living anymore
without her parents
sharin a 1 bathroom
2 bedroom apartment
with her alcoholic dad
who's beat out her sorrows
praying to the lord she'll go out tomorrow
mom's a prostitute
dad's an alcoholic
just the destitute
of the fallen ones
who watch it
starin from above
with the lights in they face
with the gaze in they eyes
and the shine in they pace
there's an end to every road
or as they would say
a light to every black hole
but till you find it
your journey is far from over
for i know
love is complicated
it comes in all shapes and sizes
And although it might seem like love is the missing puzzle piece
there will always be one the perfect size
so lets rebuild this broken fence
to keep out all the suspense
for there is a bright light waiting for you
the world famous white picket fence


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