The Faces

Wed, 01/15/2020 - 19:30 -- APMG

I see the faces
I see them all
Even through the lies and fake laughs
I see the faces
Through their hoods and headphones
I see the faces
Even through the violence the mask brings
I see the faces
They weep, They sob, and They cry
They yell, They shout, and they scream
"Shut up!" They say
"Leave me alone!" They yell
I see the faces
I see the fear in their faces
They panic without the mask
The anxiety of being different
The fear of being a freak
The embarrassment of not being normal
I see what the faces COULD be
They could smile
They could laugh
They. could wipe away their tears
They could be loud and proud
They could be unafraid
They could be DIFFERENT

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Our world
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