I walk up and around the halls

surrounded by people

whose faces are 

made to portray the masquerade

 they put on everyday


Sweet and perfect

they got their lives in perfect order

everything falling into place 

with their neat clothes and

their labels and

with their perfect responses 

claiming authenticity


That basketball player 

has everything going for him

is future is a dream 

and no worries it appears

but in actuality

he has pressures

and measures to meet

His life is not shiny and sweet

His life is stress and sweat

with all the plans he makes

never fall into place

and they crumble like in an earth quake


Our faces are not lies

disguising who we really are

they are simply the ties

we bind to our outside lives

to give us some peace of mind 

as we attempt to 

be accepted by someone

since we have rejected our

own selves after years of 

self evaluation and 


and failure 

and failure


they are our pride  

and the image 

we strive truly to be


so the next time

you are surrounded by

a crowd and all around you see

people who are 

put together according to their desire

realize that not everything is

as it seems


Your eyes can never

see themselves and 

you can never see

another person

unless you remember that you are blind

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