Face the Facts.


Face the Facts. 



Face the facts:

You’re a mess. 

You are a big fat sad sorry mess. 

You look for love in fake smiles

and kindness in people who feel sad for you. 


Face the facts:

You are lonely.

You are a big lonely train going absolutely nowhere, 

you feed off sympathy votes and dress to impress. 


Be the real you, 

just not the you that they would reject.


Be strong,

but don’t dare contradict. 


Be pretty, 

because what’s on the inside doesn’t matter anyway. 


Be happy, 

see now the one thing, the single thing you can’t do. 


Face the facts:

You can’t hide it, 

they are going to find out who you really are and everyone will hate you.

Because no matter who they are they all judge. 


Face the facts: 

You are going to fail. 

You are going to fail and cry and again and again and wonder why the hell you were put into this world if all you are going to do is screw up. 


Try hard, 

but don’t look desperate. 


Be different, 

no not that different.


Be happy,

Be happy, 

Be happy.


Now why the hell is so hard?


Face the facts. Society is fucked up. 

You are perfect the way you are and that negative self talk?

It will only ever tear you down. 


Face the facts:

You can be you. 

Yes they will judge they all judge 

and people will be cruel to you but at the end of the day you are first priority and they will be irrelevant marks in the path that is your life. 


Be the real you, 

because you are good enough. 


Be strong, 

Because you deserve to feel heard. 


Feel pretty on the INSIDE. 

because those who care about you? 

They won’t care what you look like and in their eyes you will always and forever remain beautiful. 


Face the facts:

You are indescribably beautiful. 

Difference is hard to find in a world where everybody strives to be the same

you, you are a rare gem. 


Face the facts: 

You can be happy. 

You have the power to be you and nobody can tell you otherwise 

you, you make me happy. 


Face the facts:

You are a perfect mess,

and you will always be beautiful to me. 


- Alyssa Barron


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