did you think to say "free my brother"

while he was doing his dirt

gang banging,drug slanging,and selling that work

you never thought to say  "free my brother" of the chains he's bound with

"free my brother" from the things he's trapped in

but now he's stuck in a cell

and now you say "free my brother"

did you think to say free my brother"

when he was locked up in the mental cell called his mind

now he's locked up and his mind is what he's trying to find

what about when he was doing his mess

now he's being forced to confess

then he's put to the test

of whether or not he'll rat out his brothers that aren't even "blood"

the one's that wouldn't go down for him because they're "to good"

after being penalized

YOU know what's next

YOU protesting "free my brother" from this mess

mom's drying tears from her eyes

she's not saying "free her baby"

she knew he was bound the whole time

tell them "free your brother" before he gets caught

even now he's left distraugt

confounded by decisions left to make

constantly pondering on what's real and what's fake.

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Our world
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