The eyes that see the beauty within.

I wake up from a dream like no other, staring at the wall.

My eyes wide open to the endless possibility of the new day.

I see inventive colors, bright and dazzle all around me.

My mind filled with thoughts of laughter and hope.


I leap outside to see the smile of the people around me.

My ears filled with greetings and laughter.

I feel a nerve relaxing chill when my feet collided with the pure whit snow.

My heart skips a beat when the music of enchantment and passion starts to play.


I make my mark on the world with the act of love and beauty for all.

My audience is the world and they clap and cheer for me.

I am the audience and I clap and cheer for the world.

The talent we bring on the stage is what makes us who we are.


I notice kids playing in the street ,neglecting the worries of the day.

My eyes see children in a state of fun while parents watching upon them with a smile.

The winter atmosphere brings content and gay to everyones heart.

I woke up to a dream, a dream of a perfect day that will last forever.





This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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