Pain all over,

Yet I sustain.

So I got out the car,

It was a hot summer day.

Trying to help my mother,

She gives an ailing grin.

Being a southerner 

I say ,” Hello”,

And yet, you clench your purse,

Backing away from me,

Locking your car door,

Giving me the ugliest look, I’ve ever seen.

What do you see, 

when you look at me?

Some girl whose heart been beat?

Or what about about the mother crying in the street?

Her son was shot

Yet you think he was in a gang and not the wrong doing of a cop?

What about the little girl who was detained?

She was legal, couldn’t she have remained?

Isn’t bad enough that our streets are blood stained ?

Yet we refuse to call this war we have on each other?

It’s time for a change.

At first, it will feel strange ,

But the end results are everlasting 

And the love would be blasting.

Colors, we all see ‘em,

But does that have to dictate the way we treat them?

For the eyes can cause deceit 

Therefore, mask the actual person you see.

So again I ask :

When you look at ME,

What do you SEE?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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