An Eye-Opening Revelation

It all started with a blur

Who am I and what do I want?

Nothing makes sense, that’s for sure

Obstacles mount, challenges daunt


I never thought I’d make it this far

Thought I’d cripple long ago

Never make it past the bar

But here I am from an all-time low


My eyes were opened at last

To the truth of American history

The struggles of the working class

Those who crawl out of misery


Eager to start anew

Only to be held back by race, class

If only we had a clue

We’re viewed as societal trash


This pain manifests inside

Hunkers down in my soul

And causes a great divide

That consumes me whole


All I want to do is help

But how much can I really do?

Aside from yell and whelp

About legislative poo


However, I stand strong

Through this bitter election

Hoping for a miracle, a song

That will bring back affection


Where everyone holds compassion

For their fellow peers

Despite differences in passion

That normally result in jeers


I am hopeful that with work

And a few sleepless nights

We can erase what lurks

Behind the sights

Of our closed eyes.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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