an eye addict spectacle

Fri, 04/20/2012 - 08:35 -- maelwe


South Africa

i am not afraid of sociopaths,
i grind them hard,
are a pest under my feet,
smashed to smithereens,
forcefully and dilligently,
who are to think you could stop me?
i have won over streets soldiers,
dressed to the nines,
hair breezy,
jackets tailor made,
i am gleaming,
i have no secret,
you have a tendency to insult,
take a picture and carry torch,
chow peanuts--
you monkey!
you are a media junkie and;
are found of newshounds,
an eyewear addict spectacle.

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This poem has great imagery, especially with the line "smashed to smithereens" because it makes a clear image.

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