The extracted mind

Tue, 05/28/2019 - 21:08 -- Etan456

The extracted mind 




I've conquered my insides in turn making black turn into red 

Making peace with dark and light 

Creating an emissary of distorted color and fabricated vision 

Wondering an endless time warp of concentrated power which gives the mind it's nutrients on how to survive 

Wondering the countless roots of prosperity and creativity 

Hoping that a word could turn to a lyric 

Words becoming the truth 

That action is the readers last resort 

Time and time again the inceptive mind becomes enlightened by a phrase 

A phrase welcoming the dead that lives in the world 

That creates an inception of the dead being lived and the living becoming dead 

Concepts after concepts you start to wonder if being locked in a room becomes a necessary freedom or a choice to avoid everything 

That everything could be a signal for what gets harder 

For what gets bigger 

Looking at that ladder of life which every climb is pressured by gravity and that life is that gravitational pull contradicting the pressure of how hard life really is. 

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