Explanations for Her Actions


Stuck in the same routine, with only one way to escape this life.

To be dead or gone, I can't choose between right and wrong.

Right now, my thoughts are clouded.. noise is drained.. face is red.. leaking the pain

I can't take it, I need to escape... But which door should I open?

This is really getting to me, I've lost it, My mind exaclty.. Where could it be?

It's stuck on the way things were... But change has come.

She needs to realize that reality isn't what she thinks is a nightmare... Her eyes are open.. To the hell that people see as life.

This life is dying in front of her open eyes .. It's fogging up from the tears she's cry...ing.

It pounds inside of her head, the anger she holds in..

If it's let out, who knows what will happen.

The smile she forces is becoming noticeable.

The people she loves the most are gone or out of reach.. Why is this happening?

Everywhere she turns there's another forced smile, a fake, a puppet, people unreal.. She's looking for the ideal..

Person to give her trust to. 

Are you that one?

If not, don't try to be just to get close to me

You'll be hurt before it occurs to me.. That you've wasted precious time for me, to find another one.. 

... To hand out my trust to..

This explains why my mind runs...

... Runs away to... 

The place where my mind was at last.. in peace and happiness..

..the past. 


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