Expired Love

Led you on, to let you downGave you smiles to let you frownThe heart retireswhen the heart expiresI love you, they saidI'll never leave you they pledgedYet, never found its endWith all the love they sent The expired love left on the tableIs what the heart feeling unstableIs what brought you to the sleepless nightsThe tears, lost of appetiteFeeling of loneliness after the many times spent togetherDays full of sunshine now a sudden change of weatherThe felling of where you can no longer go on,Your reason for living is goneThey're no words to describe the way you feelIt is almost, almost unreal Why me what did I doWhy should this pain my heart go throughAll because i took a riskGave my organ, to now go through this ApologizeTo your eyesFor the criesStomach, the butterfliesMind, all the thoughts of themLife, for the miss-spent weekends Picture frame memories still in your headWith all the loving things saidMemories still in your thoughtsTaking up spaces where their words bought Bursting with emotions, showing only one expressionSadness, loneliness simply- depressionYour tired, but you still have so much to go throughUntil you can find one that makes your heart bloom They will always have a piece of your heartThat very piece you gave them from the startHeartfelt memories still thereThe "I love you" still ringing in your ear There is still but one frame left to be filledWith that memory where every loving heartfelt thing' was...That moment when your heart was lost.

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