The Experience of Self


The Experience of Self

             By Andrea Spencer


Silver fingers

brushing soft pine’s needles

-whose frost scrapes

and burns this season-

into her human hands.


Experience the Creator,

who forges life

through the mix of ice

and the warmth of a pulse.

A perfect crisp mist.


It swirls and spreads,

expanding into the world.

Though it seems lost,

it has already been found

ever since it was born.


This journey,

is not to become great,

but to expand, to swirl,

to become a creature of the Creator,

to strive for the sky.


I gaze into that open blue globe,

A sky that never ends.

My existence and how I live it

is genuine,

is me.



Note: The poem, pictures, and video are my original work. Nothing was used that someone else made.

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