The Experience


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Got them haters waitlisted for later. Got them weighing me down like a bunch of favors.

I be in theweight lifting room, looking gloom, lifting all these haters

Now ain't that my favorite?

All the doubtfullness, and all this hatred

Got me going crazy, like how my blood pressure is aging

Now ain't that amazing? Allof you watching me suffer while I thought we was brothers!

Hey homie, I ain't trying to scare you, but I speak truth, and that's the truth to you

While them backstabbers always make the rules

Change they life while I turn uncool for you!

It don't make sense, why should I pretend to be someone I can't be, to impress you?

Knowing you gonna break the rules, but we still in school!

College maybe, but with a mentalness of a pre-schooler

Now you think you cooler with a swag level higher than my defuser

While your street IQ lower than the Star Spangled Banner

What's the matter? Call me a ranter, but think about it

Grown ass men still playing sandbox while the grown ass women still giving handjobs

Prostitution getting younger and younger while you found out the little boy you shot up was your fucking brother!

She claims to be the baby's mother, but she outthere partying crazy like no other

Oh brother,

Now add the father, nosupport, ran away quicker like any other motherfucker

Excuse my language for the previous, got me acting so mischievious

But I ain't about to change

Imma do me until I make it rain in happiness, that's how I dream it

Catch them haters wondering like where in the world did he achieve it?

Then they get to "pleasing" and begging

Coming and going like they bipolar weather

But to me, they still render, in case you ain't know, that means they ain't loaded

Can't see, just eye sockets

Now watch it, I ain't tripping

It's my mission to block em out, keep em faded while keeping my self esteen upgraded.

Karma kept me waitlisted, still in the weight lifting room, all fitted

Lifting up that hundred pounds of hatred

Bout to chuck em down and watch them fall past the basement into darkness

Where I end it...

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