Expedition From Home


United States
27° 8' 44.8908" N, 80° 20' 36.9276" W

Thought to be a normal plain Jane day
Cali, Columbia in beginning of May,
uprooted and thrown like a weed in the garden.
Squealing sounds derived from son’s mouths,
waiting to be told we’re moving out.

Flashes of red and orange attacked the ground,
running faster than the speed of sound.
Evil fills the tortured sky,
seeking to end the innocent
who’s intertwined into arms of a loved one.
Chaos throughout the town.

300 miles of nature await,
Medellin will be our fate.
Wet on the Cauca
little faces of sorrow,
luck and a longboat gave me Faith.

Miles and miles paddling away,
3 days in dismay
soft shores of Cartago.
Valiant husband,
replenish on supplies and capybara
surviving on Nothing at all.
Foreseeing our fate,

3 long days done dragging
sweet relief is grabbing,
arriving in Medellin.
Life awaits a better round.
We WILL get through this,
we DID get through this.


Yecid Ortega

Remember, colombia is with O not Columbia.

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