We live with them.
We have them for other people.
Other people have them for us.
It's expected to have expectations.

Parents expect us to
work harder,
word longer,
and work better.

We expect parents to
believe in us,
love us,
and be proud of us.

But sometimes, this won't happen.

Friends expect us to
always support them,
always be there for them,
and always help them.

We expect friends to
laugh with us,
think like us,
and agree with us.

But this might not even happen.

Teachers expect us to
live learning,
breathe learning,
and eat learning.

We expect teachers to
tutor us,
work with us,
and praise us.

But this will not always happen.

Strangers expect us to
extend curtesy,
extend kindness,
and extend forgiveness.

We expect strangers to
be polite,
be cognizant,
and be respectful.

But this may never happen.

Life's ever-changing.
What is expected is anticipated,
but what is anticipated and expected
may not always be what happens.

"Expect the unexpected" is improbable,
"Expect reality" is more like it.


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