Ex best friend.

Fri, 04/16/2021 - 10:15 -- Poet160

Reasons I hate you. 


1. You're manipulative. I still remember the 3rd grade when I met that wonderful new friend and you took her from me. I remember the lies you told her, that I tried to turn everyone against you, that i stole all of your friends and left you with only me, you told her that I tried t steal your favorite stuffed animal because I didn't have one. All in the 3rd grade. When I confronted you about it, you told me to jump off a building. 

2. You backstab. Remember the time you told me to call you at 4:00AM so you can vent to me about everything wrong with you life? Yeah, well I do. You then used the things I said against me. You know what, I'm sorry for the things I said. I'm sorry for wanting so badly to continue to be friends with you, the only person I though understood what I needed. But no.

remember the one time on the roof, when you told me to run and jump like swan? I do. That would've been attempted suicide. So you know what? I'm so, so, so sorry for taking your boyfriend. I'm so, so, so sorry for making your life a living hell. Look where I am now, without you. I hope that when we went out seperate ways you met someone as cunning and edgy as you thought you were. I hope you run into someone as bratty and rude as you were to me. Thank you for the voicemails, thank you for the rudeness. I will never forgive you for taking my middle school years away from me. However, I can't hate you. I can't hate you no matter how hard I try. I suppose it's because you taught me so much. 


Goodbye ex best friend. 


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