The Evil Queen


She chose the next life

She thought she was out of options

She left behind a knife

In the hearts of all who knew her

In fear they scattered

Their hearts filled with darkness

The name never uttered

Became the evil thing they feared

“Our children will turn!

We must not speak of the evil queen.”

But the children burned

To know, to hear, to be heard

To pull out the knife

Embedded deeper with the silence

Of the taken life.

But the children never spoke.

Darkness continued.

The people still lived in fear

Always pursued

By the grief they refused to face

Until the day

One of the children chose to go

To live far away

The people screamed and mourned

This wasn’t right

This is not what they had wanted.

Let pain bite

Don’t pretend in never happened.

Help it mend

And learn from the mistakes

For as the wise have said,

History, if not learned from, will play again.


For Ally


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