Everything We Once Were

Here without him,

I have nothing

I am nothing

I have constant doubt

Flaring up inside

I have constant worry

And there are always tears to cry


With him,

I had everything

We were everything

I had no doubt

Felt no hurt or pain

Had no worry

I had no reason to shed a tear


Now everywhere I go

Everything I see

There are constant reminders of him

Of what we had

Of what we were

Of what we felt


There's always something

He's always there

I search

Every place

Every face

But all I see is him


For years,

I've believed in him

I've believed in love

I've believed that we can overcome anything


Now that belief

That love

That happiness

That everything

It's gone

And it's been replaced with emptiness


I've lost all of our smile and laughs

All of our dreams

All of our plans for the future


I've lost his hand in mine

I've lost his warm embrace

I've lost his tender words of love

I've lost his gentle voice

I've lost our late night talks

I've lost the stars in his eyes

I've lost his love

I've lost his heart

I've lost him

I've lost us

I've lost everything

And everything we once were.

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