Everything Reminds Me of You

Everything Everything
Everything Everything
Everything Everything
It reminds me of you
An image of a unique being in a body I am
And people don't see it passing
And doesn’t matter
If is the fucking love that frene me
If I see that boys and girls of all races
Really love each other passing
I dont know why my face goes down
When a perfect girl in love
Ask me in class if I love
If I am capable to love
That takes me to you
Everything reminds of you
The time reminds me of you
The shyness reminds me of you
The pride reminds me of you
The air reminds me of you
My hair reminds me of you
The silence reminds me of you
The despair reminds me of you
The noise reminds me of you
The water reminds me of you
If a flower touches me with its essence
To give me me encouragement to the sigh
If it rains upon me and everybody look at me
Wet down the street
If a bird sings free and happy
If I move a finger if I open my eyes
If I look at one side or another
Why is? I say to myself
That everything reminds of me
Dont let anyone change you
Say to me God
Remember how was all before
I hear in my heart
And I see me important
I love myself
I love Gods
I love souls
How everything everything
Reminds me of you.
-Jonatan Vega


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