Everything is (Not) Okay

With the internet at our fingertips

(at our disposal never leting us breathebreathebreathe)

it is easy to see everything

(wrong with the world)


(what isn't at this point it'stoomuchallatonce)

the news,

(how can so many innocent children die everydayeveryhoureverysecond)

the Hollywood Glamour,

(why are they scoffing at the #MeToo victims thisisabsolutelyridiculous)

the life of normal people.

(who are forever in debt and itscompletelynormalwhoisn'tindebtlol)

There is always something  


happening everyday

(so many things whenwillitstop)

and night.

(even at night we don't stop scrollingscrollingscrolling)


(A lot of us pretend to be okay with everything that is

going on but

the truth is

it's okay to not be okay.

Just be sure to let it out.)










This poem is about: 
Our world
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