Everything is Flawless


United States

As a child I never really noticed differences or imperfections in the people around me.  It has never once crossed my mind why I might be better than someone else, and it most likely never will. We’ve all been through something; or like me who thought I already lost too much before I was even 16 years old. I lost a parent through divorce, grandparents through cancer, and a best friend through suicide. Everyone has scars to tell a story about, whether it has a happy ending or not.


I believe that not everyone is able to express these “scars” in a way that may be beneficial to their mind and soul. I want to spend the rest of my life learning and teaching people all over the world, of every origin, how to express themselves and release this tension through art.


When I say “art”, I don’t only mean painting and drawing. I mean fine arts, culinary, dance, music, yoga, and anything that would allow someone to express and love him or herself.  I want to travel the world, and study in many different countries. There’s nothing I thrive for more, than gaining knowledge in something new. Upon graduation, I will focus on getting job that will help me save enough to start my worldwide journey. I would love to continue my studies as soon as possible, however, I must be able to fund the rest of my education at FIU, which I cannot do without receiving a scholarship.


I’ve always been able to heal and find myself again through the arts. I see it as a form of meditation in which you can create something so beautiful. Once you begin to create, you can look at everything from a different perspective. A tree might just be a tree to somebody; however, a tree to me, is an intricately, detailed, beautiful jungle above you. I want to teach others how to see the beauty in everything: buildings, streets, clouds, smoke, fire, grass, water, etc., the list can go on and on, for everything has beauty. 


Once I can teach others to view the world this way, I believe that they will be released of all insecurities. No longer should anyone ask “Why me?” because they’ll be able to accept what was given or shown to them and see themselves as equal to all, not better. They’ll have a form of escape, which at first, may not seem like reality. Nonetheless, this escape could become their reality and their peace.




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