Everything Changed

December 24, 2012

Everything changed,

My heart and my love found a place they could call home.

A place where the words I love you and I miss you would hold sentimental value

A place where they would remain for the next 10 months.

October 21, 2013

Everything changed

The words I love you and I miss you began to lose their value.

The words I heard on this day hurt me with a sicking pain

The words “He cheated on you” and “he’s lying to you” clang to my mind

October 22, 2013

Everything changed

The place that my heart and love once occupied was gone.

My trust in the home they had built was broken

Everything was different

You tried to hide the truth and cover it with your sweet little lies,

But the truth was you had never loved me, you only loved her from the moment she left till the moment she came back

Everything you said was a lie

Every “I love you”

Every “I miss you”

And every “I’d never hurt you”

Everything we shared and everything we said no longer meant nothing

With my heart broken and scared

And my eyes swollen and red

I turned away from your love and moved on.

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I really liked your poem ... the story of every girls first love life ... even mine :)

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