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Through Him, a story about my King.


Through Him.

Through Him I was given life.

Not just now or since then, but forever.

Through Him I've been given hope, love, joy.

All in the face of tribulation and persecution.

For through Him life will not be easy.

You see He was mocked, scorned, beaten, hated and upon that tree on Calvary He died.

But do not be saddened because the Father's wrath has been fulfilled.

Now through Him we receive the Helper, the guidance of the Father in truth.

He loves us.

He prays for us.

He glorifies our name to the Father presenting those who choose to go through Him and Him alone as a treasure worthy of the kingdom.

Before Him and even now I am not worthy.

You see through sin I received death.

Through sin I was broken, lost, and incomplete.

And because of sin there was no mountain I could have climbed.

No race I could have run.

Nor amount of money, blood, or life that I could have paid.

So He was sent and was made perfect so that even though I was born, live, and will die a sinful man, I can rejoice.

For through Him my debt has been paid.

Eveyone's debt has been paid.

Through Him my slate is as white as snow.

Now through Him and to Him I will sing, love, worhsip and live.

Through Him and in Him I will put not only my trust but my life.

My everything.

I will not hold back because He did not hold back.

Through Him I will share truth.

I will share life, love, laughter.

And though I will be a sheep  among wolves and will encounter many tribulations and sorrows, I will display joy.

Because through Him there is hope.

Through Him I have been delivered from evil.

Now as the Beloved I must walk with Him to move past tempation.

For His is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever and ever.


This poem is about: 
Our world



The feeling of being free.

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