But, Everything Is Awesome


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I haven’t got enough to pay for school

But everything is awesome


I hold my mother when she cries

But everything is awesome


Hope is running away from me

When I catch it, I’ll be free


And even when I cannot see,

Through the ever blinding darkness…

Everything is awesome


Did you know that the meaning of life is to feel

To reel and revel, to tear up, squeal

To scream and laugh and even when we’re not made of steel

And we rust and we break and we scar and we peel

It just means we’re living

Breathing, giving

Of ourselves to the world around us


What we get in return are memories, moments,

Shards of experience

Without which life would be pointless


For to feel pain is to be alive

To feel hurt is to be alive

To feel rejected, hopeless, foolish, disjointed

Panicked and breathless, is all a part of being anointed

You’re human, don’t look so disappointed.


What would the fun be in feeling nothing?

An amoeba, simply sucking.


To enjoy good pasta, you must have tasted worse

To know of kind words, you must first have been cursed


And it’s awesome to cry when you leave a place

Because it means you’ll miss it


And it’s awesome to fear of death

Because life is so worth living


And it’s awesome, discovering what you love and you like

And keeping it close and holding it tight

And giving it up when the time is right

The bitterness of moving on, made sweet by the fuzziness of fondness


And it’s awesome just to be alive and know that one day

When I die

It will be with a full heart and a battle cry,

Or a gentle sigh

That this has all been awesome.


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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