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-To be perfectly honest, I believe every part of our life and lives are “awesome.” Not awesome in the modern usage, to say, “Hey, that’s awesome!”

-I mean to say awesome in the fact that in every moment of my life, I get to witness an entire system gain form and be broken by the people around me.

-To find and witness flaws and call them beautiful. This is one thing I find awesome.

-For that matter, to be able to ask a soul why not write your name across a battle-scarred sky with a crimson vengeance and find something to call awesome in their life is something I find “awesome.”

-Not awesome in the common sense, but a simple feeling of...why.

-One does not quantify wonder, so I embrace everything I can.

-You cannot weigh “awesomeness” by how heavy the ring is, or the letters on the grade paper sent from your teacher, or the size of your new wallet.

-For me, one awesome thing is everything in my eyes. I’ll say I’m jaded to this concept, if only to answer the question.

-I have no “one” awesome thing.

-Just to be able to write this poem and expose oneself- become vulnerable to have someone else pick you up- is a blessing in itself.

-In fact, I believe it is awesome how I don’t even know how long this poem will be. Life is awesome.

-To have a conversation, pen, email, or in person is awesome.

-All of us diamonds are rough around the edges, and to be able to see life form itself is something I’ll never be able to pass up.

-Forming a crystal forest with all of us in it, especially the ones I have to live to see grow up- and be taken away from- around me, is awesome and saddening to the heart.

-This very moment is awesome.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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